November 17, 2023

National Communication Association Carroll C. Arnold Distinguished Lecture: Performing Freedom in Troubled Times


September 18, 2023

Deep Dive Podcast with Shawn Fettig: E. Patrick Johnson Discusses Navigating Intersectionality


July 18, 2023

Black Queer Studies: A Genealogy. Masterclass with E. Patrick Johnson at Duke University


June 2, 2023

Left of Black Podcast: E. Patrick Johnson on the Future of Black Studies in the University


February 3, 2023

Democracy Now: Discussion about the Fight over Black History; Featuring Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Khalil Gibran Muhammad and E. Patrick Johnson


September 20, 2022

Incognito Podcast: E. Patrick Johnson Shares DEI Tools for Organization Leaders


October 22, 2021

State of Illinois celebrates LGBT History Month with E. Patrick Johnson, honoring his outstanding commitment in education


October 13, 2021

WNYC Podcast: E. Patrick Johnson Discusses Blanchard's Fire Shut Up in My Bones: A Boy of Peculiar Grace


February 17, 2021

Arizona State University discussion with E. Patrick Johnson about the making of his film, Sweet Tea


December 3, 2020

International Communication Association discussion with E. Patrick Johnson on "Sending the Elevator Down: Advice to Early-Career Scholars"


October 27, 2020

Being Seen Podcast: E. Patrick Johnson discusses archives and the power of process when creating historical representations of people


October 6, 2020

Making Sweet Tea: Q&A Discussion at Northwestern University


September 18, 2020

Milwaukee Film: Turning "Making Sweet Tea" into a Documentary


September 16, 2020

In Conversation: Lisa B. Thompson and E. Patrick Johnson Discuss Black Experiences in the South


September 4, 2020

NPR “The State of Things:” Remembering Black Queer Southern Author Randall Kenan


June 27, 2019

Out on Film: Preview of Making Sweet Tea Documentary with E. Patrick Johnson


June 12, 2019

Windy City Live Chicago: Discussion with E. Patrick Johnson on the Lives of Black Queer Men of the South


March 22, 2019

Black. Queer. Southern. Women. A conversation Between E. Patrick Johnson and Sharon Bridgforth


February 22, 2019

Left of Black Podcast: Interview with E. Patrick Johnson on His Book Black. Queer. Southern. Women.


February 13, 2019

Lecture on Black. Queer. Southern. Women at UNC Sonja Haynes Stone Center


January 14, 2019

Northwestern University: New Knowledge for a Complex World Featuring E. Patrick Johnson


October 9, 2018

Interview on WBEZ Chicago's "It’s Been A Minute" Podcast: How Celebrities are Playing with Coming Out


May 21, 2018

Lecture/Performance at Northwestern University: “The Beekeeper: Performing Black Southern Women Who Love Women"


January 10, 2018

University of Pennsylvania Lecture: Stirring the (Honey) Pot, On Performative Feminist Methodologies


December 13, 2017

Imagine Otherwise Podcast: How E. Patrick Johnson Translates Scholarly Ideas Into Artistic Work


October 19, 2017

Columbia University Lecture: From Field to Performance, Oral Histories and Ethnographic Field Research on Stage


May 23, 2017

Northwestern Creative Enterprises: E. Patrick Johnson Talks Turning ‘Sweet Tea’ from Book to Stage to Film


November 25, 2015

ABC 7 News Chicago: Home Cooks Featuring E. Patrick Johnson's Spicy Cornbread Stuffing


August 15, 2015

Association of Theatre in Higher Education: E. Patrick Johnson Receives Oscar Brockett Prize for Outstanding Teacher and Discusses his Teaching Career


March 10, 2014

Left of Black Podcast: E. Patrick Johnson Discusses His New Play, Sweet Tea


February 12, 2014

Interview on WUNC Radio's "The State of Things" About Sweet Tea—A Play


March 16, 2013

Lecture at the University of Nebraska: Going Home Ain't Always Easy, Performance and Ethics in the Black Gay South


October 31, 2011

Left of Black Podcast: Interview with E. Patrick Johnson about His "Pouring Tea" Performance Project


January 24, 2011

Interview for Northwestern's IMPACT Program: Black Gay Southern Men


May 7, 2010

Video Preview of "Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South"


February 19, 2010

Chicago Black Gay Men's Caucus Discussion with E. Patrick Johnson: "Justice is Being Our Complete Self in the World"