Put a Little Honey
in My Sweet Tea

Put a Little Honey in My Sweet Tea is E. Patrick Johnson’s current dramatic work about the lives of black queer men and women in the south. 

The performance is a compilation of stories from two of Johnson’s books: Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South—An Oral History, as well as Black. Queer. Southern. Women.—An Oral History. The stories performed address a range of topics, including: bullying, religion, coming out, gender nonconformity, sexual trauma, and love. 

E. Patrick Johnson is currently accepting invitations for this performance, which is ideally suited for  theater or auditorium spaces at universities, cultural centers, or other public settings. For more information, or to book an appearance, please contact Rolisa Tutwyler at rtutwyler@ccmtspeakers.com. 

Please note that booking this performance requires advance preparation and audiovisual technical support by the hosting organization. For more information on performance requirements, download the rider here