Honeypot: Black Southern Women Who Love Women

Black. Queer. Southern. Women.: An Oral History 

The University of North Carolina Press (November 2018)

Blacktino Queer Performance (edited with Ramón H. Rivera-Servera)

Duke University Press Books (2016)

No Tea, No Shade: New Writings in Black Queer Studies (edited by E. Patrick Johnson)

Duke University Press (2016)

Cultural Struggles: Performance, Ethnography, Praxis (edited by E. Patrick Johnson)

Northwestern University Press (November 18, 2013)

solo/black/woman: scripts, interviews, and essays (edited with Ramón H. Rivera-Servera)

Northwestern University Press (November 18, 2013)

Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South

The University of North Carolina Press (August 26, 2008)

“Contains a wealth of information about Southern black gay men and makes a valuable addition to gay cultural history.” — The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review

Black Queer Studies: A Critical Anthology (edited by E. Patrick Johnson & Mae G. Henderson)

Duke University Press (2005)

Appropriating Blackness: Performance and the Politics of Authenticity

Duke University Press Books (July 23, 2003) ”With Appropriating Blackness, E. Patrick Johnson has given us a book worthy of the breadth its title signals.” —Dwight A. McBride

Sweet Tea—A Play

Northwestern University Press (August 2020)

A stage version of E. Patrick Johnson’s Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South—An Oral History.

Journal Articles

Journal Editing

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Book Chapters and Other Publications

Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

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Works in Progress

Quare—An Autobiography of the Mother Within.  An experimental memoir exploring race, class, gender, sexuality.  Book Manuscript.

Camp Revival: Queering Gender in the Black Church {Tentative title}.  Book manuscript on the camp aesthetic in the black church as an expression of non-normative gender expression.